The Nutty Professor 1996

Eddie Murphy stars as shy Dr. Sherman Klump, a kind, brilliant, 'calorifically challenged' genetic professor. When beautiful Carla Purty joins the university faculty, Sherman grows desperate to whittle his 400-pound frame down to size and win her heart. So, with one swig of his experimental fat-reducing serum, Sherman becomes 'Buddy Love', a fast-talking, pumped-up , plumped down Don Juan.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 2000

The hilarity begins when professor Sherman Klump finds romance with fellow DNA specialist, Denise Gaines, and discovers a brilliant formula that reverses aging. But Sherman's thin and obnoxious alter ego, Buddy Love, wants out...and a big piece of the action. And when Buddy gets loose, things get seriously nutty.

The Nutty Professor 1963

Jerry Lewis directed, co-wrote and starred in this riotously funny movie that set a new standard for screen comedy and inspired the hit remake. Lewis plays a timid, nearsighted chemistry teacher who discovers a magical potion that can transform him into a suave and handsome Romeo. The Jekyll and Hyde game works well enough until the concoction starts to wear off at the most embarrassing times.

The Absent-Minded Professor 1961

Hailed as one of Walt Disney's most hilarious comedies, The Absent-Minded Professor contains two essential elements for laughter - Fred MacMurray and Flubber, his gravity-defying formula for flying rubber!

The Nutty Professor 2008

To impress a beautiful girl, Harold Kelp, the grandson of professor Julius Kelp, who created a potion to transform his personality, gets his hands on his grandfather's secret elixir and unleashes his destructive alter ego, Jack.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva 2009

Spinning off from the popular Professor Layton puzzle games, this movie brings Layton and his trusty assistant Luke to the big screen to allow fans to enjoy more of the same. At the beginning of the film Layton receives a letter from the famed opera singer, Jenice Kaitly, inviting them to see her newest performance. She also asks Layton, Luke, and Remi for assistance in a mystery, saying her friend Melina went missing one year ago but returned later as a seven year old girl saying she had found the secret of eternal life. Naturally, the case fascinates Layton and his apprentices, so they head to the Crown Petone opera house. When they arrive, something is very strange: the pianist, Ozro Vislar talks of a game, and the winner will win the "eternal life." It is up to Layton, Luke, and Remi to solve the mystery of the Eternal Diva before it is too late.

The Poet and the Professor 2017

Ariel, an insecure writer tortured by her own desires, can’t seem to stop seeing “The Poet,” an older, volatile cinematographer who pursues his ‘art’ while taking full advantage of his rich girlfriend’s beautiful New York apartment. Ariel also can’t stop herself from loving her own professor, a depressed, married, struggling adjunct obsessed with postmodernism and addicted to pills.

The Professor 1919

Professor Bosco, a poor flea trainer, rents a bed in a flophouse. Before going to bed, he rallies his troops and once he has made sure his beloved fleas are settled for the night, the professor prepares to sleep the sleep of the just man. Unfortunately he accidentally knocks the box off his bed and the fleas have the time of their lives pestering Bosco's neighbors. To get the escapees back in their box again, the trainer resorts to... his whip! All is back to normal one more time. But not for long, as a stray dog enters the flophouse and very unwisely opens the box, thus creating new havoc. Written by Guy Bellinger

The Teacher 2017

Teacher in the most prestigious highschool in the country, François enjoys the life he’s always known, in the intellectual and bourgeois society of Paris. Trapped in a situation where he’s forced to accept a job in a school of a tough underprivileged suburb, he finds himself confronted to his own limits and to the upheaval of his values and certainties.

The Professor and the Madman 2019

Professor James Murray begins work compiling words for the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in the mid 19th century and receives over 10,000 entries from a patient at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum , Dr William Minor.

The Professor 1958

A Communist agent planted in America creates werewolves in order to start a panic in the U.S. that will lead to a Communist takeover.

The Professor's Sins 2008

What begins as a refuge turns into a battleground when a female professor (Claudia Vega) releases the bitterness she's carried for years into the arms of a much younger lover -- only to find out that he's one of her students. Things become complicated when the student's ex-girlfriend catches wind of the affair and decides to do everything in her power to come between teacher and student. Eleazar Gómez and Gabriela Roel co-star.

The Professor 1967

A botanist, a caterpillar and a butterfly in a foolish pursuit in the great tradition of British absurdity.

The Testament of Professor Dowell 1984

The film is based on the popular science-fiction novel “Professor Dowell’s Head” by Russian writer Alexander Belyaev. For many years, a prominent scientist had been striving to solve the problem of immortality. He shared the results of his daring and risky experiments with his colleagues. But one day something happened that no one could have foreseen: the professor had disappeared. The best student and follower of Professor Dowell tries to use the results of his scientific research for criminal purposes. It looks like he is going to succeed…

Tina and the Professor 1995

A sheltered country girl goes away to college and experiences her sexual awakening... which includes an affair with an eye patch-sporting zoology professor who's old enough to be her grandfather.

Nanny and the Professor 1970

Nanny and the Professor is an American fantasy situation comedy created by AJ Carothers and Thomas L. Miller for 20th Century Fox Television. During pre-production, the proposed title was Nanny Will Do.

Iris, The Happy Professor

Iris, The Happy Professor or was a Canadian-produced television puppet show that ran from 1992 to 1994, revolving around Professor Iris, a purple ibis who taught his class, which included his three students; Piano, Skeleton, and Plant. The Professor would teach a variety of subjects to his students and would always wear bowties based on whatever the lesson was, not unlike Ms. Frizzle and her dresses from The Magic School Bus. Also featured on the show was Ms. Principal, the school's headmistress who would often come in, complaining about the noises.

The Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel

The Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel was an educational animated series that ran in the early 1970s. Produced by Shamus Culhane for Krantz Films, the program combined film clips, animation, and commentary to teach the viewers about historic and cultural events. It was "hosted" by the eccentric scientist Professor Kitzel, whose voice was provided by Paul Soles, with occasional appearances by his grandfather or his parrot.

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm 2014

Eccentric inventor Professor Branestawm fights the forces of evil in this comedy adventure film, based on Norman Hunter's iconic children's books. Armed with a multitude of crazy inventions, and alongside his eccentric allies Colonel Dedshott, Mrs Flittersnoop and young apprentice Connie, Branestawm, the original mad professor, takes on scheming businessman Mr Bullimore and officious local councillor Harold Haggerstone, to try and stop their plans to bulldoze his workshop to make way for a giant munitions factory, right in the middle of town.

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