Copper 1976

Efter et sanatorieophold pga. voldelig opførsel under en arrestation, bliver kriminalassistent Karl Jørgensen overført til bedrageriafdelingen. Her opdager Karl en sag, hvor hans ekskone og hendes nye mand er indblandet. Da Karl begynder at undersøge sagen, bliver han stoppet af politimesteren. Karl slår sig sammen med journalisten John Bullnes. De kommer efterhånden tættere på sandheden, men stoppes da en mistænkt begår selvmord. Karl bliver suspenderet og Bullnes sendes til Berlin på en opgave. Karl tager herefter sagen i egen hånd og anholder byens borgmester og en stor entreprenør. © Copyright 1997-2012, Lone Hansen & Per Kjær Fredborg

Copper Mountain 1983

Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women.

Copper 2017

An experimental film exploring black death from a gender perspective.

Copper Canyon 1950

A group of copper miners, Southern veterans, are terrorized by local rebel-haters, led by deputy Lane Travis. The miners ask stage sharpshooter Johnny Carter to help them, under the impression that he is the legendary Colonel Desmond. It seems they're wrong; but Johnny's show comes to Coppertown and Johnny romances lovely gambler Lisa Roselle, whom the miners believe is at the center of their troubles.

Stocker's Copper 1972

In August 1913 a strike at a Cornish clay pit leads to Welsh police being sent to keep order. Having no other source of income, a striking miner is forced to take in one of the policemen as a lodger. They soon become friends, but escalating tension at the mine means that conflict will become inevitable.

Copper Sky 1957

Alcoholic former cavalryman Hack Williams is arrested for killing an Indian, something he did not do. The townspeople, fearful of Apache reprisals, plan to hang Williams in hopes of heading off an attack. But the attack comes and Hack, locked in his jail cell, is the only survivor as a massacre occurs. Into the scene of carnage arrives schoolteacher Nora Haynes. Together she and Williams must find a way to reach safety before another Indian attack. But the pair are by no means well-matched, and their trip alone across the desert is not destined to be an easy one.

Copper Penny

After pulling a prostitute from the street, a desperate man's surprising request for something other than sex puts a twist in his already awkward situation.

Iron Earth, Copper Sky 1987

In this deeply symbolic and visually lush film, as far as Tashbash is concerned, he's just a malcontent, a fairly ordinary hell-raiser who has gotten into trouble with the law in the past. Sure, he hates the village headman who is a toady to the region's oppressive landlord, and he dislikes the fact that everyone looks to the headman for help because they have no place else to turn, but he's just an ordinary guy and has no solutions for his fellow villagers. However, after one of them has a vision in which Tashbash is shown to be a manifestation of one of their more important local saints, the villagers unite as one in seeking him out for help with the upcoming visit of the landlord to collect rents which they can't pay. Their adulation and reverence is so persistent that eventually even Tashbash becomes a believer.

Spare a Copper 1940

George (George Formby) is an inept reserve policeman working in wartime Liverpool, who is chosen by a gang of Nazi saboteurs as the stooge for their planned destruction of the British battleship HMS Hercules. Framed by the villains and forced to go on the run, George sets out to clear his name with the aid of new girlfriend, Jane (Dorothy Hyson).

The Copper Beeches 1912

An adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story about a father trying to gain control of his daughter's inheritance does not include Watson.

Copper Perforation Loop Triptych 2016

Iterations of Copper Perforation Loop, an original length of direct animation created by scraping emulsion off of 16mm black leader against a 5" diameter circular disc of perforated copper. The Triptych includes the original loop, and hand processed contact prints, one of which was printed onto Liquid Light coated clear leader.

Copper Creek Genesis 2015

A delusional doctor on the run from the law and being chased by Pinkertons is hellbent on trying to bring his dead wife back from the grave, he enlists the help of the local town preacher. With a deadly combination of science and religion all hell breaks loose!

Gold and Copper 2011

A Tehran mullah-in-training struggles to take care of his ailing wife and their children in this profoundly moving melodrama. A film of near-universal appeal, it puts a human face on Iran's Muslim clergy with its unusual tale of a man forced by hardship to become a better husband and father. Seyed Reza has just moved with his family to Tehran so he can study the Koran, and he relies on his lovely wife Zahra to look after their two young children and weave the intricate rugs that earn them a living. But one evening Zahra collapses and is taken to the hospital, where she's diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Scarcely able to process the tragedy, Seyed is left to cook, change diapers, walk his daughter to school and take his toddler son with him to his classes, where peers and elders treat him with scorn. But Seyed eventually learns to cope, his prayers and devotional studies taking on deeper meaning as he attends to the hard nightly work of rug weaving, getting through with a heavy ...

The Copper Tower 1970

A dramatic story of three friends happily spending time on their own in a mountain cottage in the High Tatras. On the arrival of the wife of one of them their perfect friendship is put to a test.

Tales of the Copper Cross Garden: Episode 1 2017

Tales of the Copper Cross Garden: Episode 1 documents the process by which copper is drawn into wire from glowing, semi-liquid ingots. A choral mass provides the soundtrack, while sporadic all-caps intertitles weave biographical details (Baloji grew up in the mining region of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo) with a reflection on the role of the Church in the colonial enterprise in Africa.

Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 2013

Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913 explores an epic labor strike that devastated Michigan's Copper Country-and haunts the American labor movement to this day. Produced and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Silvers, the program traces the Copper Country strike from its hopeful start to that tragic conclusion.

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