The Inner Life of Martin Frost 2007

A writer awakens one day to find a strange but beautiful woman in bed with him. He quickly falls in love with her, thinking he has found his muse, but as time passes she becomes more and more unattainable.

Frost Bite 2011

After losing her son in the massive zombie attack Reagan is forced to walk the back woods of frozen Alaska. While doing so she meets Colby Jack and Chris in their custom Winnebago. She is safe for now. Taken back to a small store dubbed "Frost Bite" she will help the remaining survivors fight not only zombies but a religious mad man known as Regis. But all is not lost with leadership of ex-marine John Bannister they just might make it to see another day. Written by Pop Gun Pictures

Early Frost 1982

Private Detective Mike Hayes (Guy Doleman), is working on a divorce case, when he stumbles upon a series of cover-ups that leads to a corpse. His investigation takes him into the lievs of two families living in the Sydney suburbs. Although they look like ordinary people, one of them is the killer. Hayes meets the strange teenager David Prentice (David Franklin), who keeps a violent crime scrapbook, and Val Meadows (Diane McLean), the mistress who believes that someone is trying to kill her. The more the investigation deepens, the more twisted and complex it becomes. It appears the only people who hate Val enough to want her dead, are her own family. Could it be her two sons, alienated by her dominant nature, her lover, or even her best friend?

The Frost 2009

A couple's marriage falls apart after the death of their son. Based on Henrik Ibsen's "Little Eyolf"

Robert Frost

This lovely color film from 1961 was shot over the course of a year, mostly in the region of Robert Frost’s solitary mountain cabin in Vermont. Probably the most celebrated American poet of the twentieth Century, Frost in his mid eighties is seen in three seasons walking the landscape while he is heard reading from about twenty-five of his poems inspired by what is shown. We hear all or part of “October,” “The Sound of Trees,” “Unharvested,” “Birches,” “The Road Not Taken,” “Gathering Leaves,” “Flower-Gathering,” “Good-Bye and Keep Cold,” “The Onset,” “Two Tramps in Mud Time,” “Mending Wall,” and “The Pasture,” among others. In one sequence Mr. Frost is seen in a college seminar answering questions from students. The nature photography of New England is outstanding, as is the quality of this print, mastered in high definition from the original negative.

Frost Ivanovich 1981

Two sisters lives together with their grandma in a cottage in the woods. One of the sister is diligent, the other one is lazy. Frost Ivanovich notices this and decides to teach the lazy sister a lesson.

Springtime Frost 1955

The end of nineteenth century. Maidservant Madara is in love with farmhand Andrs, yet she marries a rich and old household owner. As time passes, her heart hardens and things get complicated when Andrs returns to the neighborhood and Madara's husband dies leaving her widowed with a son.

Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman 2000

The sheriff and his deputies from the first movie decide to take a vacation in the Caribbean. Their holiday will be short-lived, however, as the thawed murderer gets inadvertently re-frozen and brought back to life. As if that weren't bad enough, he now has the ability to remain frozen even in tropical temperatures, and he's headed south to settle some old scores.

Before the Frost 2012

A man sets a flock of swans on fire. An old woman disappears, and then a young girl. Slowly, the actions of an extremist religious group start to change the lives of a number of people.

Burnt by Frost 1997

When is an enemy not an enemy, when is an ally not an ally? The answer to these questions determines the fate of a man. Simons struggle is played out against the rugged landscape of northern Norway. Raised in a close-knit community, he bears the scars of a childhood haunted by rumors. During World War II, the Russians and Americans become a presence in this remote landscape, which will have far-ranging consequences. Victimized by rumor and Norways shifting political allegiances, Simon is denied the final reconciliation he longs for with his community and with himself. When the Berlin Wall falls, his life is once more turned upside down.

The Black Frost 2016

Three farmers work on a farm in Entre Ríos, a sparsely populated lowland region of Argentina traversed by rivers. Their crops are affected by ‘black frost’ which threatens to destroy their harvest. One day, a young woman appears at their door; blithely and self-assuredly she begins to influence their familiar routines. The bewildered farmers yield to Alejandra’s interventions: she dons Heribertos’ dead wife’s clothes, accompanies Benigno to a greyhound race and wins young Lucas’ friendship. Shortly afterwards, the frost disappears.

Celtic Frost - A Dying God 2008

Summer 2006: The Swiss heavy metal band Celtic Frost hasn’t given a concert in sixteen years. Now they are standing on the stage of the largest heavy metal festival in the world in Wacken, Germany. Sixty thousand fans are celebrating the return of a legend. Celtic Frost, one of the few world-famous Swiss bands, is back! This documentary film accompanies the band on their comeback tour through Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan. It is a journey to the heart of darkness, of extreme metal and the band members’ attempt to live up to their own legend.

Naked Producers: Blue Frost, Kansas 2007

The Shakespearean traveling road show comes to Blue Frost, Kansas, and the local guys volunteer to wear Togas and be Spear Carriers in the battle scenes. A campy comedy.

The Tale of Jack Frost 2004

An enchanted forest is created when some trees decide to "move up" to a big hill, where they can enjoy the sunshine and a new life. Many creatures move into the new forest and it soon becomes a paradise. Down below, live horrible goblins in a dark, gloomy forest. One night, a young boy comes through the dark, murky forest, running after the pursuing goblins. In the snowy cold of winter, the boy makes his way into the enchanted forest. When he wakes up, he meets the inhabitants and he is called Jack Frost, due to his strange power to make things cold with one touch of his finger...

The Sickness of Lucius Frost 2014

Imagine you waken to find yourself in a strange, decaying new land. Only, this new homeland is a breeding ground for the damned...evil spirits roam about, torturing the scattered few innocents hiding in it's hills. The unfortunate discover that at night, the worst of these beasts are released. This is now the existence of one Lucius Frost, a writer who uses his writing to exist in this hellish environment. A road that heads out of the hills leads through the rumored haunted highway, but the few who have trekked this path have never returned. What happened to them? On the brink of insanity, Lucius is forced to find out, accompanied by his spirit guide Aandeg. What they discover will be beyond their worst nightmares, and possibly open more doors than they wished to have found.

Frost/Nixon: The Original Watergate Interviews 1977

This program, culled from the over 28 hours of interview footage between Sir David Frost and U.S. President Richard M. Nixon, was originally broadcast in May of 1977. Never before, nor since, has a U.S. President been so candid on camera. Even more intriguing is the fact that Nixon agreed to appear on camera with no pre-interview preparation or screening of questions.

Daddy, Father Frost Is Dead 1991

A biologist, obsessed with the idea of writing a treatise on a new kind of mouse, becomes witness to a number of bizarre and horrific events, from his son's suicide, to the S&M engaged in by respectable middle-aged men, to his own family's psychic morbidity.

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