Lancaster Skies 2019

Douglas, a broken, solitary, Spitfire Ace, must overcome his past to lead a Lancaster bomber crew in the pivotal aerial war over Berlin, in 1944.

Lancaster, CA 2015

A conversation about love and life in the California desert. Another collaboration between Ott and one-of-a-kind actor Cory Zacharia (Littlerock), the two forge a slice of character and an idiosyncratic portrait of loneliness.

The Lancaster at War 2009

The incredible story of the Avro Lancaster, one of the finest bombers of the Second World War, which played a crucial role in the long and savage campaign to defeat Hitler's Third Reich. This documentary features interviews with surviving veterans of Bomber Command, who share frank personal accounts of their part in an aerial battle of attrition which claimed the lives of 55'000 aircrew.

3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy 2015

The chilling story of the charismatic Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the squalid abortion clinic he operated for years in Philadelphia despite many pleas to health authorities to investigate the deaths of women and infants.

Lancaster, Pa., High School 1900

School is over for the day. A stationary camera is trained on the door of the high school at the top of a few stairs. A man and small boy emerge, followed by wave after wave of boys, each in jacket and tie, most wearing caps. A few are arm in arm. At least 150 boys and young men appear. Then about 120 women and girls appear, parting to go in either direction down the sidewalk in front of the school. All are in long skirts and wear big hats; most wear blouses and jackets or coats. Some are adults; most seem older than the boys who've left just ahead of them. The last person to leave is a gentleman.

Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster 2015

In 2007, Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death because of her appearance. Her story is told through a sequence of poems by Simon Armitage and through the interviews made by her mother in the wake of the tragedy. Adapted for television from the poetry anthology/stage production and radio adaptation.

The Pioneer Line: Lancaster - Morecambe - Heysham Electrics

Electric trains ran between Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham from 1908 to 1966, apart from a short period in the early 1950s. Using maps, stills, 1960s film and sound, and contemporary footage, the story of the line from 1845 to its closure in 1966 is told. The film features a cab ride of the line immediately prior to closure. We also revisit the redundant track-bed in the late 1990s, searching for reminders of former times. Most of the archive film was taken by Rev. Robert Jackson, whom we meet some 30 years on with his memorabilia of the line.

Henry VI, Part 2: The Houses of York and Lancaster

The saintly Henry VI is undermined by his nobles, especially the ambitious Richard, Duke of York, and by the Kentish rebellion, led by the charismatic Jack Cade, popular champion and savage critic of England’s social inequality. Part of the Battlefield Performances. A touring production of site-specific performances staged at the historic battle sites of the War of the Roses. This performance was captured live at Barnet.