Multiple Personality Detective Psycho - Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 2000

Yosuke Kobayashi, a detective assigned on a homicide unit, saw his wife killed by a serial killer, Shinji Nishizono. From a shock he suffered MPD (multiple personality disorder) and became Kazuhiko Amamiya. Soon after he managed to hunt down and killed the murderer of his wife, new series of murders have occurred and the suspects claimed to be Shinji Nishizono himself. Is it really him? Or a copycat? And who is Kazuhiko Amamiya?

Dinotopia: The Mini-Series 2002

A pair of teenage half-brothers, Karl and David Scott, are on a flight with their father on his private plane when Karl takes over the controls, so his father can fall asleep. After flying into a storm, Karl struggles, causing Frank to retake control before it crashes into the ocean. Frank saves his sons, but has trouble escaping the crashed plane as his seatbelt fails to release. Karl and David wash up on the shore of a large uncharted island. Looking for help, Karl and David meet a man named Cyrus Crabb who leads them to Waterfall City, the capital of Dinotopia, a hidden civilization where human beings and dinosaurs peacefully coexist. In fact, some of the dinosaurs, notably a neurotic, but friendly Troodon named Zippo, possess human intelligence and speak perfect English. Among the many rules in Dinotopia is the edict that, once an outsider arrives, he or she is never allowed to leave. As Karl and David prepare to take their places in their new surroundings, both boys develop a strong bond with young Marion, who is on the verge of becoming a "matriarch" of the Dinotopian society. Legend has it that their ancestors lived in an underworld that was lit by sunstones. Cyrus has been stealing artifacts and books to try and find a way off the island. Zippo discovers all the stolen items, but Cyrus knocks him out and thows him in a water canal. Meanwhile, Karl finds a Dino egg and gets sent on a mission by himself. The sun-stones keep mysteriously breaking which causes the dinos to attack. David needs to learn to conquer his fears. Unfortunately, the incursion of vicious carnivores, not to mention an unanticipated human villain, threaten to destroy Dinotopia and everyone living there.

V 1983

Fifty spaceships, each three miles across, hover ominously above Earth's major cities. The Visitors that emerge are humanlike in appearance and extend the hand of friendship. Our planet's resources are just what these aliens need to survive. And for its future survival, unsuspecting humankind will need... a miracle!

Traffic 2004

Traffic: The Miniseries is a three-part feature on the United States cable channel USA Network in 2004 featuring an ensemble cast portraying the complex world of drugs, their distribution, the associated violence, and the wide variety of people whose lives are touched by it all. The mini-series was partially shot in Kamloops, Ashcroft, and Cache Creek, B.C. standing in for Afghanistan. It was inspired by the 1989 television miniseries Traffik made by Channel 4 in Britain and the 2000 motion picture Traffic directed by Steven Soderbergh. The American version was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Traffic: The Miniseries was directed by Eric Bross and Stephen Hopkins and written by Ron Hutchinson. The cast is composed of principal actors Cliff Curtis, Martin Donovan, Balthazar Getty, Elias Koteas, Mary McCormack, Ritchie Coster, Nelson Lee, and Tony Musante, while the supporting cast includes Justin Chatwin, Jennifer Rae Westley, Katia Khatchadourian, Johanna Olson, and Brian George.

The Pillars of the Earth 2010

A sweeping epic of good and evil, treachery and intrigue, violence and beauty, a sensuous, spirited story set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles in 12th Century England.

Battlestar Galactica 2003

A re-imagining of the original series in which a "rag-tag fugitive fleet" of the last remnants of mankind flees pursuing robots while simultaneously searching for their true home, Earth.

Salem's Lot 1979

Salem's Lot is a 1979 American television adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Directed by Tobe Hooper and starring David Soul and James Mason, the plot revolves around a writer returning to his home town and discovers the citizens are turning into vampires. It combines elements of both the vampire film and haunted house subgenres.

Elvis 2005

Biographical miniseries chronicling the rise of American music icon Elvis Presley from his high school years to his international superstardom.

Frankenstein 2004

Adaption of Mary Shelley's novel about a scientist who brings life to a creature fashioned from corpses and various body parts.

Blood Feud 1983

Blood Feud is a 1983 television miniseries surrounding around the conflict between Jimmy Hoffa and Robert F. Kennedy in a 11-year span from 1957 until Kennedy's assassination in 1968. The 210-minute film was directed by Mike Newell and written by Robert Boris. It stars Robert Blake as Hoffa and Cotter Smith as Kennedy with Danny Aiello and Brian Dennehy in supporting roles as union associates of Hoffa's. The television film was distributed by Operation Prime Time, a syndicated block of television programming offered to mostly American independent stations. Blake was nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for Best Actor for his performance as Hoffa.

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