The Sharing Circle 1991

The Sharing Circle was a Canadian documentary series that aired on Citytv, A-Channel and APTN. It featured stories on the aboriginal and First Nations people in Canada. It was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sprout Sharing Show

The Sprout Sharing Show is a programming block on the PBS Kids Sprout cable channel. The show premiered on May 21, 2007, airing on weekday afternoons in the time slot formerly occupied by the Let's Go Show. It features three new programs which encourage viewers to send in photos, videos, artwork, and stories. Programs and segments are introduced by the show's puppet hosts: Patty, Ricky, and Curtis E. Owl, whose first name and middle initial are a pun on the word "courtesy". Other characters include Patty's mom, Ricky's dad & Curtis' younger brother, Otis, who plays the ukulele.

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