A Village Almost Perfect! 2014

"Saint-Loin-la-Mauderne", a tiny village hurt by the financial crisis and the desertification. Its last hope : Start back the Smoked Salmon factory. The only issue : Insurances require a permanent doctor on site. But it s has been 5 years the previous doctor retired without setting a replacement. The whole village,supporting their surly major Germain, will try everything to convince the very Parisian Doctor Maxime Meyer that happiness is only at Saint-Loin-la-Mauderne! This movie is the french remake of the Canadian movie 'la Grande Seduction'

Such a Lovely Town... 1979

Stephane (Victor Lanoux) is the mayor of a small village. He is also the manager of the tannery which provides the inhabitants with work. In a fit of anger, he kills his wife (Edith Scob). A judge (Jean Carmet) tries to prove his culpability, but it's not an easy task, because there is a political and social pressure.

Fico d'India 1980

Lorenzo is the mayor of a small town. One evening, returning home, surprised the well-known playboy Ghigo Buccilli who tries to seduce his beautiful wife. Enraged, he threatens the two with a gun, and Buccilli is the victim of a heart attack: the man survives but, forced to total rest, remains at the mayor's house. The result is an endless series of gags and misunderstandings, due to the stratagems devised by Lorenzo to avoid that the situation becomes the subject of gossip by fellow citizens ...

Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale 2000

In 1955, Tobias Schneebaum disappeared into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. He had no guide, no map, and only the vaguest of instructions: Keep the river on your right. A year later Schneebaum emerged from the jungle…naked, covered in body paint, and a modern-day cannibal. Titled after Schneebaum’s 1969 cult classic memoir about his formative experiences living in the Amazon, Keep The River On Your Right is the extraordinary stranger-than-fiction story of Schneebaum’s return to the jungle, 45 years after his original visit, to reunite with the very tribesmen he loved and who gave him nightmares for nearly half a century. A deeply affecting and searing portrait, sibling filmmakers Laurie and David Shapiro capture a man in utter conflict, a fearless adventurer, and one of the most charming, enigmatic, and perplexing men ever captured on screen.

Unforgettable Spring in Forgotten Village 2018

The calm and ordinary life of a forgotten village is disturbed with the arrival of three prostitutes in the village’s bar, owned by two pimp brothers. The men, despite the efforts of their wives to stop them, spend all their time in the village’s bar, spending their last money on alcohol and sex. Chaos overcomes the village school; its devotees abandon the mosque. Only two youngsters benefit from all this mayhem, by realizing their love affair, forbidden by their parents. At the end, the women start upraising. Consequently, the bar is burnt down and the village looks that it will return to normality.

1914 All Out 1987

A village cricket team plays its last match before most of its players go off to fight in World War I, confident that "it will all be over by Christmas".

More About the Children of Noisy Village 1987

There are only a handful of children living in Bullarby. This film follows their story through the fall and winter, picking up at the moment "The Children of Noisy Village" finishes.

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