The Crew 2000

Four retired mobsters plan one last crime to save their retirement home.

The Crew 2008

Hoping to raise enough capital to finance a legitimate business and leave behind his life of crime, Liverpool underworld boss Ged Brennan sends his brother Ratter and a crew to pull a daring final heist. But when Ratter kills a drug kingpin during the job, Brennan must turn to rival crook Franner to avert an all-out gangland war.

Flight Crew 2016

A story about bravery, self-sacrifice and human dignity put on trial by the merciless power of nature. A young pilot is fired from military air force after disobeying an absurd order. He gets a job as a co-pilot with a civil airline. Being brutally honest and direct, he is not on best terms with his new colleagues. During a flight to Asia his crew receives a distress message from a volcanic island and makes a decision to attempt a rescue mission. Will it be a success? Will they survive the disaster? They have a single chance to find that out: by being a team and sticking up for one another.

The Wrecking Crew 2008

A celebration of the musical work of a group of session musicians known as "The Wrecking Crew", a band that provided back-up instrumentals to such legendary recording artists as Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys and Bing Crosby.

The Wrecking Crew 1968

When Count Contini attempts to destroy the world's economy by masterminding the theft of $1 billion in U.S. gold, ICE chief MacDonald summons secret agent Matt Helm to stop him.

The Night Crew 2015

A group of hard up bounty hunters must survive the night in a desert motel against a horde of savage cartel killers. They soon realize that their fugitive, a mysterious Chinese woman, is much more than she lets on.

Skeleton Crew 2009

Back in the early 1970s, at a mental institution near the Russian border, a crazed doctor, Dr. Anderson assumed the persona of "the Auteur," and began murdering his patients while filming the atrocities. Thirty years later, an American film crew has arrived at the hospital to shoot a horror film based on those awful events. The director, Steven, is determined to make the film as realistic as possible, a goal that doesn't seem too far-fetched when his Finnish sound men discover a hidden room in the hospital basement. There, perfectly preserved, are the original snuff films shot by "the Auteur". As Steven's obsession grows, his cast and crew begin to fear for his sanity. But this is only the beginning, because when Steven discovers actual camera used by "the Auteur", he assumes the role of the murderous doctor and the real slaughter begins.

Crew 2 Crew 2012

Lucas joins a break dancing troupe and, traveling the world, finds himself torn between the life he knows and the chance to do something more. Inspired by true events.

The Crew 1994

Still depressed over the suicide of his mother, Bill has no idea that he's in for a wild ride when he and his wife Jennifer board the yacht owned by her bigoted lawyer brother. Along for the trip: a rock musician and his wife, as well as the newly sex-changed Tim, and the woman he's smuggling into the U.S.

Alien: Covenant Prologue - Crew Messages 2017

Crew Messages are a series of five transmissions recorded by members of the Covenant's crew for broadcast home to their families. The videos were released through YouTube in two batches as part of the viral marketing campaign for Alien: Covenant — those recorded by Daniels and Oram were released on April 17, 2017, while the remainder, by Rosenthal, Lopé and Tennessee, were released three days later on April 20. Cast: Daniels .... Katherine Waterston Oram .... Billy Crudup Rosenthal .... Tess Haubrich Lopé .... Demián Bichir Tennessee .... Danny McBride

The Crew 2015

It’s bad men versus worse men as thieves face off against dealers in this super slick French heist thriller from the director of Chrysalis and The Assault.

Wrecking Crew 1942

Follows a crew as they work under a deadline set by their boss to complete the demolition of a building. Touches on the lives of several of the crew in their lives away from the job and shows rhe comraderie of the crew in their work and even away from work.

Adrenaline Crew 100% Illegal 2005

Spawned from the hit Pay-per-view special “Introduction to Street Bike Insanity”, Kenny Kelley’s fearless Adrenalin Crew is here on DVD with a barrage of motorcycle and car stunts, pranks and other offensive and illegal mayhem that will keep them in court for years! Named by Europe as “Jackass on wheels”, watch them create havoc on roads across the USA terrorizing everything in their path. The Director’s Cut features new footage like AC tattooing, new riders, girls, fireworks, fights, wrecks, angles and new illegal stunts, new footage, skits and cop interaction for your amusement! Featuring Street Bike Tommy’s front flip wreck and Gia Lynn from Rock of Love and Charm School 3.

Pit Crew 2001

Pit Crew is an animated short starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, from the House of Mouse episode "Gone Goofy". Our three heroes are the pit crew for Pete's racing team. The only problem is trying to get to the racetrack on time.

Mow Crew 2009

Film starring Aaron Lloyd Barr, Saara Untracht-Oakner and Mike Keller

Cabin Crew 2017

A crew of wanna be outlaws bent on saving their friend's life retreat to a family cabin after a bank heist and soon discover that when it comes to crime, they should leave it to the professionals - the police.

The Crew of the Dora 1943

German film about Luftwaffe pilots. It depicts a love triangle involving two of them being overcome by their participation in battle together.

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