Grave Decisions 2006

In this black comedy set in small-town Bavaria, 11-year-old Sebastian thinks you can never be too young to be a murderer. He's convinced that he killed his mother on the day he was born and is certain he's already been condemned to purgatory. Deciding he might be able to knock off a few years of his sentence by doing good deeds, Sebastian sets out to find a wife for his father Lorenz. When Lorenz and Sebastian's schoolteacher Veronika fall madly in love with each other, it seems the heavens must be smiling. There's just one hitch: Veronika is married.

Decisions 2011

When a group of friends decide to pull a bank heist to get out from underneath their money troubles. They quickly discover that things can unravel in a hurry! A compromised LAPD Detective (Corey Haim) on the take with a crime syndicate figure want the money back and will go to any lengths to get it! Things go wrong quickly as bullets start to fly and the group finds that one thing affects another and discover that the voice of reason is not always what it appears to be.

Decisions 2015

Randi is in her late thirties and going through her first divorce. Randi has become the definition of a hot mess at this point in her life. Randi runs in to her little brother's old high school friend Vince at a party. What Randi finds out is that Vince is battling demons of his own. Vince struggles to put his past and his drug addiction behind him as Randi struggles with her new lonely life. Randi & Vince cling to each other and enter into a challenging relationship Randi battles her friends,family and co-workers who all tell her Vince is a disaster and she shouldn't get involved. Vince struggles with his past and present. Vince's ex Summer is determine not to let Vince leave his past behind. Randi & Vince's both learn that everyone struggles with the tough choices they make in life. Right, wrong or indifferent there are always Decisions

Split Decisions 1988

When a boxer is killed because he wouldn't take a dive, his brother tries to find a way to avenge him even if only symbolically.

My Decisions

A global exploration of interesting characters, the decisions they make and how they go about making them.

Dark Decisions

While camping with his girlfriend and best mate, James awakens to them in an "intimate" embrace. He could stay or confront them, or leave and start a new journey. From a life altering snap decision, James moves to a new city to start a new life. Escaping those who betrayed him. Will he find new love? Or will he be forever controlled by his fears and desires.

Conscious Decisions 2015

An abstract collage representing the disorientation inherent in the existence of thought.

Dorbees: Making Decisions 1998

The Dorbees follows the adventures of two microscopic balls named Jack and Mary Jane. While skipping school, the two run into a old, scary house. There they meet Dig, a business man stuck in the 70's, who must make a decision between making a friend or a profit.

Forrest Shaw: Poor Decisions 2018

Described by Jim Jefferies as "[email protected]#!%ing Hilarious" and by Bill Burr as "One of my favorites to watch," this former marine biologist-turned-comedian is an expert at pointing out the shortcomings of our species. Forrest intimately delivers his sharp critique of mankind as he and his hometown of Miami brave the hurricane happening outside. Another one of Forrest's Poor Decisions.

Master P: Decisions 2004

Starring Master P and Lil' Romeo, Decisions was also written and directed by Master P. The film is a whodunit tale done 'hood style and steeped in the age-old themes of good versus evil, along with some important life decisions made along the way. Bonus features include all-new (unseen) footage as well as two music videos, "Them Jeans" and "Act Like a Fool."

Andy Andrews: The Seven Decisions 2005

Motivational speaker and best-selling author Andy Andrews explores what it really takes to become happy and successful in this PBS special recorded before a live audience at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. Using anecdotes along with a healthy dose of humor, Andy conveys the inspiring message of his book &NFi;The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success&NFi_; through a medium ideally suited to his storytelling talents.

Speed Gone Wild: Deadly Decisions

Wall-to-wall explosions of stock cars, Indy cars, dragsters, funny cars and more! Witness these powerful machines as one fiery collision after another blows them to pieces in this collection of the most spectacular car crashes ever recorded. Prepare to be put in the driver's seat as you go where you've never gone before!

Right or Wrong? (Making Moral Decisions) 1951

A group of young boys break some windows at a warehouse. The security guard recognizes one of them as a neighborhood boy, Harry. Harry is hauled into the police station and told things will go easier on him if he tells who his accomplices were. Harry must decide which is better, shouldering the blame for the entire incident or ratting out his friends.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 2010

Comedy about an inept American placed in charge of sales at his company's London branch. He has no experience with British culture, knows nothing about sales, and has only one employee, Dave. Each episode begins with a scene of Margaret appearing in dire circumstances.

Command Decisions

Command Decisions was a series produced by Hoff Productions which aired on The History Channel in 2004. Each episode depicted an historic battle through re-creations, and gave the viewer an opportunity to test his skills, strategies and nerve as a commander through nine questions. The viewer was asked to imagine themselves in the mind of the battlefield commander, and would choose from 3 options for how to proceed. List of depicted battles: ⁕Battle of the Bulge ⁕Battle of Britain ⁕Battle of Iwo Jima ⁕Battle of Rivoli ⁕San Juan Hill ⁕Invasion of Gaul ⁕Tet Offensive ⁕Six Day War ⁕Cambrai ⁕Chalons ⁕Gettysburg ⁕Little Bighorn ⁕Inch'on ⁕Marathon ⁕Waterloo ⁕Stalingrad ⁕Desert Storm ⁕Midway ⁕Saratoga ⁕Hastings

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