Dawn 1963

Heper's 7-minute short "Dawn" follows, in a single space between two windows, a triangular love relationship of three people.

Dawn Patrol 2015

After the brutal murder of his beloved brother, a small-town surfer seeks revenge against the gang of merciless thugs he holds responsible. However, when another tragedy brings him face to face with the consequences of his actions, he must seek forgiveness from the very people he despises most.

Dawn 2015

Dawn is a quiet young teenager who longs for something or someone to free her from her sheltered life.

We Dive at Dawn 1943

A gripping tale of WWII naval warfare in the Baltics, starring John Mills as Lt. Freddie Taylor, a British submarine Captain. The crew of the Sea Tiger are summoned from leave on shore with their families, and sent on a secret mission to intercept the Nazi battleship Brandenburg. In the ensuing battle the British submarine is damaged by a German destroyer. The submarine is leaking fuel so badly that the crew won't be able to make it back to Britain before running out somewhere along the Danish coast. When it seems that their only option may be to blow up the submarine and try to escape to Denmark, seaman James Hobson (Eric Portman) hatches a plan...Working from a well constructed script, Anthony Asquith adds a strong sense of dramatic tension to the interactions between the men in the dangerous, claustraphobic atmosphere of the cramped submarine. Mills and Portman also give good, realistic portrayals of men at war in this tense story.

Dawn 2003

Dawn is a special little girl with special needs. Born from a human father and a vampire mother who died while giving birth. Dawn requires blood to survive. She and her father travel across the country, assuming new identities and never staying in one place for very long--until a small town detective with psychic powers pays extra attention to the murder of one of his townsfolk.

Dawn 2014

A woman struggles to get her life back on track in the wake of several prison stints in this short drama.

Dawn 2012

On an evening commute, Tye detects racism from another passenger's glance. In revenge, he decides to follow and confront the man. Tye's preconceived notion of race and sexuality are tested when he discovered that his younger brother is gay, and the victim is in fact his younger brother's lover.

Dawn 2016

It's always darkest before Dawn.


A Short film by Björn KÄMMERER

Dawn 2006

A young girl is woken in the night by a noise in her house. Unable to get back to sleep, she starts to worry about anything and everything.

Dawn 2012

Dawn is a psychological drama exploring the bond of triplets, broken at birth, sending surviving siblings Jude and Maddison on an intimate quest to fill their sense of loss, grief and loneliness. On their 36th birthday, the missing link in their trinity lays just around the corner.

Dawn! 1979

Dawn! is a 1979 Australian sports biopic about the three-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer Dawn Fraser.

Dawn 1928

A nurse helps 210 men escape to England before the Germans catch and execute her.

Dawn 1973

His poetic film opus Dawn/ Hajnal (1973–1980) was being born during several years, using nine hours of raw material and six thousand photographical motives. Szirtes's masterful experimental work is a dazzling composition of several years of filming within an industrial macro/microcosm, an abstract model of revolution and the beauty of daybreak.

Voodoo Dawn 1991

Group of immigrant Haitian farm workers tries to fight off an evil Haitian voodoo priest who tries to kill them & use their body parts to make up a zombie army.

Hellsing Ultimate The Dawn 2011

It is September 1944 and World War II is raging in Europe. To get an advantage on the field, Nazis are experimenting with artificial vampire technologies, they are still far away from achieving their initial goal, but even the intermediate stages of such researches are possessing a great threat to The anti-German coalition. In an attempt to stop the Nazi project and to protect England and The Allies current head of the Hellsing House, Sir Arthur Hellsing, is sending his best agents—Walter C. Dornes and Alucard—into German-occupied Poland where monstrous experiments are being conducted.

Justice League: Dawn of Apokolips 2017

Many years after Shattered Paragon, Batman is investigating portals that have been opening up around the world, little does he know they're a gate way to finding Kara who he and the rest of the Justice League thought was dead, Batman tries to pull together a broken Justice League to find and save Kara from a evil god like being, Darkseid.

Dawn 2014

MORGENRØDE takes place at the beginning of a new eon, in a water polluted world years after a global fall. Where the legacy of what was, has been quenched and world understanding must take shape again. Surrounded by an endless hazy and drab, bleak desert we follow two survivors who eye each other with the same mutual depraved suspicion as they contemplate their inhospitable surroundings.

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