Someone Marry Barry 2014

A trio of friends scheme to find a wife for their socially inappropriate friend Barry, and end up finding a girl just like him.

Too Young to Marry 2007

Connecticut high school students Max Doyle and Jessica Carpenter fall in love and feel making love isn't enough, so they brave everyone's objections and get married.

Marry Me at Christmas 2017

Organizing a Christmas wedding is a true treat for bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect dress for the bride and orchestrating an exquisite event. What Madeline didn’t expect was to be swept off her feet by the bride’s gorgeous brother, movie star, Jonny Blaze. Jonny came to the quirky town of Fool’s Gold to support his sister -- not to fall in love. Yet Madeline is the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met, and she finds the real Jonny even more captivating than her celebrity crush. Will the action star be brave enough to take on the role of a lifetime?

Marry If You Can 2014

“Cásese quien pueda”, is a romantic comedy placed in Mexico City and in the Quintana Roo jungles. The story tells about two sisters with completely different goals in life: one of them wants to get married, and the other wants to succeed in her professional career; but life will take them to completely unknown and new paths. Ana Paula (Martha Higareda) is about to get married when she finds out her fiancé is cheating on her with her own cousin. That night, after many shots of tequila, Ana Paula ends up falling asleep in the back of a truck owned by a worker who that same night goes back to his hometown, a small village in Quintana Roo.

Marry Me, Maribel 2003

Maribel (Natalia Dicenta) is a prostitute working in Madrid in the late fifties. One night he meets Marcelino (Carlos Hipolito), shy and quiet man who falls for her. For Maribel is in principle a client more, but gradually begins to feel attracted to the shy provincial, owner of a chocolate factory in Soria. Pili (Nathalie Seseña), Rufi (Mireia Ros) and Nini (Malena Alterio), the companions of Maribel, truculent by nature suspicious of this relationship and begin to suspect that the provincial could be a murderer. When Maribel Marcelino asks her to marry him, they intervene and away from Marcelino and his "strange family". Adapted from the play "Maribel and the Strange Family" by Miguel Mihura.

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes 1955

Two Broadway showgirls, who are also sisters, are sick and tired of New York as well as not getting nowhere. Quitting Broadway, the sisters decided to travel to Paris to become famous.

Ushi Must Marry 2013

Ushi Hirosaki has to marry according to Japanese tradition before her 30th birthday. Because time is running out, her family decides she has to marry a huge sumo wrestler. A rather unfortunate combination, so Ushi wants to look for a nicer candidate herself. She travels halfway around the world to find her dream husband. Along the way she does valiant efforts, for example to learn table manners and to lose her Japanese accent.

Dad, Make Me Marry 1975

A hopelessly yearning hippie is left alone with a newborn baby when his just married parents go for a vacation, but wittily he finds a solution to get back his expatriate girlfriend, utilizing the baby who has no idea what is going on.

Next Time I Marry 1938

Heiress Nancy Crocker Fleming will only receive her inheritance if she marries a "plain American." Her late father was afraid a foreign gigolo would steal her heart and money. So Nancy pays Tony Anthony, working on a WPA road project, to marry, then divorce her. When Nancy inadvertently drives off with Tony's dog, Tony seemingly kidnaps her to retrieve the pooch, which leads to a cross-country race between the two to reach Reno and the divorce court since neither one wants to be the second to file papers.

Marry A Rich Man 2002

Mi, a propane delivery girl, declares to the heavens that she must marry a rich man. On a flight to Milan Me meets Christmas, a cute, rich Hong Kong resident who immediately takes a shine to Mi. She thinks she’s hit the jackpot, but as soon as they land the two are pick-pocketed by a local. Undaunted, they go on a “poor man’s date” making the run of Milan without a penny. And the two get along famously, leading Me to the conclusion that her cynical gold-digging plans have worked.

No Time To Marry 1938

In this lightweight comedy, two news reporters who are engaged to be married endure romantic difficulties in their competitive pursuit of a "big scoop".

Should a Girl Marry? 1939

A young woman and her doctor husband are victims of a blackmail scheme when it is discovered that she was born in prison.

Marry Me Again 1953

Bill (Robert Cummings), a jet pilot hero from the Korean War, returns home with intentions of marrying his sweetheart, Doris (Marie Wilson.) But Doris has inherited a million dollars and Bill won't marry her because he dreams of a home and babies, with himself as the sole source of income on his $65 a week. Doris has to find a way to make him change his mind. No matter her character name, Marie Wilson was playing her usual "Irma" role, and finds an "Irma" solution.

Marry Me! Marry Me! 1968

Claude and Isabella met on a beach one summer and got easily involved. But while he has dreams of settling down with a family, she just wants to have fun. When Isabelle becomes pregnant, Claude is advised by both families to marry but things get more complicated when he meets an English woman.

Marry Me 2015

She is a quick-tempered and feisty Turkish woman; he, a shy and reticent, young Flemish man. Their respective families hold strong – perhaps too strong – opinions on the imminent marriage, and, on the big day, chaos ensues, making the young couple question their own readiness to commit to a union for life. Are their backgrounds really so different to tear them apart?

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? 2010

Explore stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse that would leave them asking Who the (BLEEP) Did I Marry? From bank robbers to bigamists to spies, these compelling and sometimes startling characters will have viewers shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering how the truths behind these scandalous spouses were kept hidden for so long.

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