Reap the Wild Wind 1942

Clipper ships taking the shortest route between the Mississippi and the Atlantic often end up on the shoals of Key West in the 1840s. Salvaging the ships' cargos has become a lucrative business for two companies -- one headed by a feisty young woman. Then she falls in love with the captain of a wrecked ship while he recuperates at her home. She travels to Charleston and is charming to the man most likely to be head of the captain's company, thinking she will be able to get the captain the position he wants on the company's first steam ship.

Wild Is the Wind 1957

A widowed Nevada rancher goes to Italy and marries the sister of his deceased wife and brings her back to the ranch, but his haunting memories of his lost love and her tendency to drift away to other men cause the two to have a tough time at keeping a marriage together.

Wild Wind 1985

August 1943, Europe. The tentacles of the German octopus have begun to recoil. As the Nazis retreat, their concern focuses on the supply of oil from the refineries of Romania. Without the flow of "black gold", Germany's doom is sealed. Armadas of American bombers from bases in North Africa have begun to assault Pioesti - and there is another threat from the Partisans across the border of Yugoslavia. Against the tableau of spectacular events, the dramatic story of WILD WIND unfolds.

Wild Texas Wind 1991

Wild Texas Wind is an 1991 American made-for-television drama film distributed by Sandollar Productions, directed by Joan Tewkesbury and starring Dolly Parton, Gary Busey, and Ray Benson. Parton co-wrote the story with Mark Kiracofe, as well as multiple songs from the film with Benson.

Scorching Sun, Fierce Wind, Wild Fire 1980

During China's 1920s Republican Period, warlords carve out personal fiefdoms across the country and impose self-serving laws with the barrel of a gun. Into this anarchy rides a masked feminine Zorro, nom de guerre Violet, to do battle, right wrongs and foment rebellion against the most corrupt and brutal warlord of all, Tung Ta-Chou. Unbeknownst to Tung, however, Violet is his own daughter. Tung orders his psycho enforcer Master Wu to track down and dispose of this pesky rebel queen. Meanwhile, Violet begins a flirtation with an attractive stranger who comes to town with the other half of a treasure map held by Tung. Ultimately, Master Wu betrays the warlord on the lure of the complete treasure map, enabling Violet and the stranger to apprehend Master Wu and beat the warlord at his own game.

Wild Horses in Winds of Change 2011

The award winning film is totally engaging and is a home - run for horse and animal lovers. Each personal story intrigues and unfolds in classic documentary film fashion. The film is a home-run for horse and animal lovers.

Windstorm 3 2017

Ostwind and Mika have found a real home at the farm Kaltenbach with Mika's grandmother. In the hustle of running therapy center and due to Mika's fame as a horse-whisperer, she feels that she doesn't have enough freedom and time to ride. After a serious disagreement with her grandmother, Mika secretly sets off for the night in eastern Andalusia, Spain, where she suspects Ostwind's roots are.

The Wind in the Willows 1996

Jailed for his reckless driving, rambunctious Mr. Toad has to escape from prison when his beloved Toad Hall comes under threat from the wily weasels, who plan to build a dog food factory on the very meadow sold to them by Toad himself. This fantastic roller-coaster ride of hilarious adventures was both written and directed by Terry Jones, who also plays the central role of Mr. Toad. Alongside three former Pythons are a gallery of well-known faces all bringing wit and wonder to a feast of colourful characters. An absolutely charming film to delight children and adults alike, The Wind in the Willows is a perfect updating of Kenneth Grahame’s well-loved children’s classic.

Winds of the Wasteland 1936

The arrival of the telegraph put Pony Express riders like John Blair and his pal Smoky out of work. A race will decide whether they or stageline owner Drake get the government mail contract.

Wild Texas Wind

Wild Texas Wind is an 1991 American made-for-television drama film distributed by Sandollar Productions, directed by Joan Tewkesbury and starring Dolly Parton, Gary Busey, and Ray Benson. Parton co-wrote the story with Mark Kiracofe, as well as multiple songs from the film with Benson.

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